Monday, December 16, 2013

Under The Beautiful Sky Of Nganget (Memories of 4th IWC)

I couldn’t stop praising the almighty god for giving me the chance to join the 4th International Workcamp, organized by Leprosy Care Community of University of Indonesia. I met so many humble people in a simple and beautiful village of Nganget. I got a lot of incredible and unforgettable experiences with the campers, and of course, with the villagers.

Without knowing where Nganget is, without having enough knowledge about leprosy, I can’t believe I actually went there to do something in that village. I can’t believe that I finally got the chance to interact with people who suffered from leprosy. When I arrived in the village, I can’t deny that I was afraid that I would be affected by the villagers. I was even scared of shaking hands with them. But after I saw the other campers, their smile and their loosen gestures, I got a great courage in all of a sudden. I left my fear behind and began to act with my heart because I realised that staying 2 weeks in the village, working hard, and talking with the villagers would be nothing if I do that without feeling anything. It’s also amazing to share the same courage and energy with the campers, all out deh for Nganget! :D

We worked together with the villagers, making paved roads in rehabilitation center and also in the village. I was touched by the moments when campers and villagers laughed together during work even though our body’s sweating by the incredibly hot weather in Nganget. Couldn’t forget also the times when I was in Kitchen Police(KP) job (endless job). The times we delivered the drinks and snacks to the workers (watching the sudden smiles on workers’ face when we come haha) cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up the basecamp. Every thing we did it together~ And also every time we did home visit, I can’t deny how super nice the villagers were!!

Uhm.. I must say that, from the children and also from the senior villagers, I learned so many things about lessons of life, about how it’s important to be humble all the time, anytime, anywhere because actually we’re just like any other one else and will always learn something in our life to be better each day and to give to others. Lots of people keep on forgetting about this basic value of social life. Realising that lots of villager are disable because of leprosy they’ve suffered, I was shaken and it’s getting stronger (the feeling) I have to be tough like them too! Disability is not a reason for not doing something! So there’s NO REASON for me, you, and every one that’s fortunately healthy to give up to make our dreams come true! I couldn’t describe all the villagers’ story but everything’s written deeply in my heart. I promise that I’ll do what they asked me to (some of them requested me some things to do in life).
Aaaaah.. It’s like i want to show the world that leprosy is not something to be afraid of as long as we have the knowledge about it! :”””

Besides, I have great memories with the kids, too. It’s always nice to see them laugh, play, and do every thing they do. They’re being curious all the time about everything. I can’t forget how some of them were always trying to remember indonesian words to be able to talk to me because I can’t understand javanese (well, a little :P).. it’s so funny! I wanna take them out of Nganget if I’m able to do it (I really do hope so!!!!). They deserve so many great things. I hope they can be succesful in their future and ofcourse I hope that I can meet them again.

At last, I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH LCC UI, project team, and all campers. Zillion thanks for everything we’ve been through together in Nganget, for every precious moment . Our shared emotions will stay in my heart. I’m so happy to be able to get to know every one of us!!! I hope we can always keep in touch for ever and after! J lots of xoxo for you guys!! Every thing happens for a reason and as for me who believe that there’s no coincidence in life, it’s very nice to meet so many great motivated persons like you! Not only us who learned from the villagers but we also learned to get to know each other, to understand each other. Dinamis banget kita! I'm so proud of y’all!!!! Let’s share our experience to others, let them feel what we felt under the beautiful sky of Nganget! Because what we had is not just for us, but also for the world!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

(I guess) I'm Back!

Lebih dari 2 tahun sudah kutinggalkan blog ini. Bentuknya ga jelas sama sekali. Template yang telah kadaluarsa, tulisan yang berisi emosi-emosi labil namun produktif dari kehidupan SMA dan awal kuliah, jujur membuatku rindu untuk menulis lagi.
Tak bisa dipungkiri bahwa materi kuliah Dinamika Pemikiran Prancis mengenai seorang feminis, Helene Cixous, telah berhasil mengetuk pintu hatiku untuk mencari blog ini kembali dan dipulihkan dari keadaannya yang terpuruk (lebay ga sih terpuruk? :P).
Tanpa berpanjang lebar lagi, dengan resmi kubuka kembali ruang opini diri ini. Semoga bermanfaat bagi aku pribadi dan pembaca yang datang berkunjung.

Untuk berbagai tulisan lama yang secara brutal mengoyak luka lama, aku siap untuk membacanya lagi. Bagiku, masa lalu bukanlah untuk dihindari, sepahit-pahitnya ia, melainkan untuk diberikan senyuman atas segala proses yang dilalui untuk meninggalkannya dan menjadi diri kita yang sekarang ini. KAMU HEBAT, DIS! :) #sugesti diri