Friday, November 13, 2009

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Bali’s experience for this year by joining 9th ICAAP. 6-9 August 2009

It all started with delayed flight which made us waited in soekarno-hatta airport. There, I saw a lady with anger in herself complaining to a man from cashier that she’s been waiting too long and finished with no result. She’s just like an iron. Round-round.

We struggled to get the flight as soon as possible even we were late. It supposed to be 13.05 flight, but at the end, we flew in 15.00 flight and arrived in denpasar at 17.30 local time-zone.Then, we went to our hotel, Nirmala. The other WPF delegates had arrived before us. That night, we just took a rest coz the next day we got many things to do.

The 1st day, we went breakfast downstairs at 9.30, and we got briefing session at 10 after the breakfast ended. The briefing session pended at 12 , then we went to lunch before we continued the briefing session. It ended at 16.30 and then we went to INNA Grand Bali Beach Hotel for re-registration stuffs. We were stuck by traffic for minutes on the road. After re-registration, we went back to hotel at 20.00. we went dinner at a place where an old couple celebrated their anniversary. It did sweet but then a man.. a very confident man sings for them, you know what?? His voice was TERRIBLE.. I can’t resist my laugh!!!!! xDD damn.. the food was soooo fucking SPICY you can ever imagine. I almost cry. But I tasted a new menu there; fish steak(spicy++), daluman (just like cendol), and fish soup(which was the most spicy). On the way home at about 22.00, My stomach was very sick. I didn’t know why. It ended in the morning, precisely at bathroom(you know.. haha)

The 2nd  day. We did rehearsal for the meeting. And a little finishing of preparation from previous meeting…

dah sampe situ aja.. tiap hari sibuk.. pergi pagi pulang malem selama di ICAAP. Yang paling berkesan tuh pas komunikasi sama norbert *********** (from france). ewwwwh~ haha. dia minat sama gua. NO!!

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