Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wrong Suit


It was embarassing. I came to school today with a shame feeling. At the very first place, I was confident but then it turned bad. I felt like I just want to go home. 

Yeah.. Today is a very historical day. HARI PENDIDIKAN NASIONAL. There must be a flag ceremony in this day usually. But today it was a non-sense. It’s raining all the way, plus lightnings and winds. Automatically there was no flag ceremony.

The deal wasn’t about the flag ceremony, it’s about the suit I wore. I must be on my “putih-abu2” suit but what I wore is the “pramuka” suit (since it’s SATURDAY and usually we wears it on this day). Oh my.. How confident I am.. I walked around the school, say “Hi” to many people I met.

The reason I wore that suit was because I heard no news about this day yesterday. Yesterday I went too school and I attended a class, which was arabic. Then I went to UKS (Unit Kesehatan Sekolah) and took a nap ‘coz I didn’t feel well. I was there with 3 of my friends and indeed we didn’t know anything outside the room. We heard no news at all. And today one of my friends of those 3 was absent and one of them wasn’t in the wrong suit (maybe she asked others at night), and the last one was in the same shame with me (and she was a committee for today’s event). Haha

But it ran very well. Not as shameful as I thought before. I can still watched my friends who joined the “cooking competition” and helped them to EAT those foods. (Love it..)

So, no matter I was in the wrong suit, I enjoyed today a lot. 

Suit does matter, but if in an occasion you are in the wrong one, pretend yourself as the role model of the show ‘coz the show MUST go on. Yippie.. :D


  1. siapa suruh nginep di UKS waktu jam pelajaran jeung..
    saltum itu tanda orang kreatif..
    hidup saltum!

  2. tapi kalo saltum malu juga ye..
    ngapa gak balik aja diss ngesooth gitu sampe rumah buat ganti baju

  3. yee.. kpala aku sakit bgt.. sampe pulang aja msh sakit..teganya.. x(
    bru smbuh jam 3 pagi keesokan harinya..
    ughh.. ai-chan..

  4. weleeew~~
    makan obat melulu ssihh.. nge-drugs ne

  5. nyahahahaha
    tapi pas hari itu dirimu keliaran trus icip2 makanan jg kan? (jangan lupa acara goreng mie kita itu...)

  6. huahaaa..yeahhh
    ga tahan sih liat mie nganggurr plus telor plus masako..
    *korban hiperMSG.. heuu