Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reached Dream

Akhirnya, Senangnya, Bangganya.

I met her.. a great girl named Mahardhika S. Sadjad.. MASPRES UI. She joined NSDC (name before ISDC) 2003. And bla bla bla.. (Too many achievement she got)

This is the picture!!! (yellow:me, black:her) You can see that this pic taken on March 17th 2009. While ISDC 2009 held on MArch 12th-19th.

I watched her performance in the NSDC Final Round of International Round via a VCD. Her team won it. She was the Prime Minister of the Government side of the house and also the reply speaker. Great..

And her style affected me a little. So I am so glad that I met her.. ^^Y


  1. pernahkah kau sebangga itu menceritakan bahwa dirimu punya kakak seunik aku..??

  2. wkwkwkwkwk.. xD
    ada yg jealous nehh..
    entar dehh..
    dbikin special edition:How Proud I am to have a unique sister..
    and it would be you siZt..

    bkin juga donk..
    adik yang ....................

  3. adik yg moody..?
    btw, kok berhari2 postingnya masih yg ini. kk aja dah tepar masih sanggup blogging. horeee, ngalahin abege!!