Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a Busy Day..

Wow.. I am so tired right now.

This morning I went to my school to share with my junior about Debate. After that(plus zuhur), I went to a wedding party which held in a far far away location. I reached there with kinda struggling. My "Sister" waited me for about a half hour so I put my motorcycle speed to the RUSH mode. It's indeed I got sweat all over my body. At that time, I ate nothing. xP

And after I ate something in that party, with no "shaking hands" with the couple( 'coz at that time they're changing their clothes) and I was still in hurry, I went to the mosque for a weekly occasion(Rush mode again 'coz we're late). And after I reached the mosque, we went to a place together to attend another occasion. (NON STOP, baby!!!). Then, I went to a mosque for ashar.

I felt tired a lot. Felt like zero gravity(wew..).

When I arrived at home, what I want to do (if it can) was drop myself down to the floor. My head was spinning round and round inside. It's terrible. I can't stand it. Yeah, This thing caused by hypotensy. I don't know why, before I found myself in hypotension, I never grumbling and getting mad when I get headache. But after I figured out the cause of my headache (read:hypotension), I always feel that I'm weak and not healthy.  What a da** busy day today. Ughh.. I need to take a serious rest.

FYI, actually, sebelum aku beraktifitas seperti ini, kemarinnya maksudnya(nyanyanya...xP) aku baru aja selesai ngurusin sakit kepala hebat seperti ini n terkapar di kamarrrrrr.. eh.. kayak gini lagi.. heuu.. 


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